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Capture the essence of your business on the web

Web Essence is a small web design company created by Pam Lovatt and dedicated to producing inspiring and personalised web design to communicate the essential to your audience.

Web Essence is interested in working with you as a team, to make your site work for you, taking the time to talk to you about your requirements, to find out what you want and what you really need. Every client is different and every site is different, Web Essence will capture the essence of your business on the web to give you a unique site.

Web Essence also takes the time to consult with you every step of the way, providing  Skype  contact time every week, (if necessary), while your site is under construction for discussion on progress. On completion of the site free instruction is available for you to learn how to administer your site yourself, or if you prefer maintenance plans are available.

What Clients Say ...

Pam has created an amazing window on our company ...

"We have worked with Pam of Web Essence for several years now, using her expertise in our first fumbling website steps.  We have come a long way since then, and Pam has grown and adapted our sites to work with our development.  She achieved, in our view, the greatest marketing accolade when one of our key competitors copied her work and developed their own website to match ours.  Her vision is long-reaching, the time and effort she put into understanding not only our business but also the personalities behind it, has created an amazing window on our company for all the world to visit.  And moreover, they do.  Recommend Pam? Never, we’d far rather keep her all to ourselves!"

Ruth Partington www.rptranslate.com

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